Breeding Operation

Breeding with a Passion for Quality

Warwick Court Herefords is a beef cattle enterprise based in southern New South Wales focused on delivering high quality Hereford Cattle to beef producers and processors.

We are governed by our environment and our personal circumstances in our case the restraints are:

  • Our property “Glenora” Jindera is located in mixed farming country (550 mm Av Rainfall) where cattle are generally less than 20% of a farm’s enterprise.
  • Both Sue and Bob work off farm
  • Bob providing Project Management Services to facilitate the delivery of large Infrastructure Projects
  • Sue provides the administration for their Engineering Consultancy Business

Performance testing is a vital tool in our operation. We continue to select our cattle for moderate birth weights, performance, milking ability, and positive carcass traits. Over the years we have worked hard to produce quality cattle for our customers.

With these constraints firmly established our Basic Aim is to breed

  • Structurally sound docile animals for the wellbeing of all
  • Cattle of moderate birth weight with high growth and carcase characteristics (EMA, Fat & IMF) that meet the requirements of the branded beef.
  • Highly fertile cow herd under our conditions

For us these are the Benchmarks of a Quality Product but our greatest reward has been in getting to know the great people in this industry.


Breeding operation of the Cow Herd

Fertility is the trait we place the highest value on.


  • Heifers are joined at 14 months to calve at 2 years
  • Heifers are joined for 7 weeks 3 weeks ahead of the cow herd
  • Heifers that calve in the first 3 weeks are considered for our AI Program
  • Heifers are culled for dystocia


  • Cows are joined for 8 weeks
  • Empties are culled
  • Cows that calve in the first 3 weeks are considered for our AI Program


  • Post joining Cows and Calves are run in large mobs according to the sex of the calf
  • Pregnancy Testing is carried out 8 weeks after joining is complete
  • A number of yearling bulls are used as back-up to the AI Program and as joining sires over Cows and Heifers
  • All animals are performance recorded using Group Breedplan
  • All animals are monitored for structure and temperament