Producing Seedstock



Background Warwick Court Herefords

Warwick Court is a Five Star Herd for Breedplan Completeness of Recording. This level of herd recording performance is matched to Sire participation in Beef Information Nucleus (BIN) program.

  • Second Cohort – Warwick Court Epic E032
  • Third Cohort – Warwick Court Everest E140

Warwick Court Funky F112

  • Forth Cohort – Warwick Court Glencoe G040

Warwick Court Glebe G101

  • Fifth Cohort – Warwick Court Jedburgh J121
  • Sixth Cohort – Warwick Court Knight K044
  • Black Baldy First Cohort – Warwick Court Glencoe G040
  • A.I. since 1983
  • Group Breedplan since EBVs began in 1991
  • 200 recorded cows
  • Currently the herd is comprised of Herdbook Registered cows only.
  • Traits Recorded:
    • Calving Ease
    • Birth Weight
    • 200 day wt.
    • 400 day wt.
    • 600 day wt.
    • EMA
    • P8 fat
    • Rump fat
    • IMF
    • Scrotal Circumference
    • Maternal Weight
    • Genomics


Make sure you source your genetics from a herd which takes the input of data into Breedplan seriously and does not rely on wishful thinking. Warwick Court is a Five Star Herd for Breedplan Completeness of Recording.


How do we achieve these goals?

  1. Balanced Optimum Performance
  2. The Cow Herd must be
  • Efficient
  • Functional
  • Fertile
  1. Adequately service the market and realize premiums are the final part of overall net profit.


1. Balanaced Optimum Performance

Too much is made of maximizing single trait performance. When one looks at enterprise performance, a different perspective is gained with the realization that kilograms of beef per hectare, produced at the cheapest possible price really makes one appreciate cattle that must work.

The cattle that will work will be moderate framed, moderate to lower birthweights, above average growth and carcase traits to meet premium markets.

2. The Cow Herd

Efficient, functional, fertile cows. It is of paramount importance that the moderate framed cow is always going to rebreed quickly, calve without any fuss and provide a great start for her progeny.
Set the herd up for life.

  • Joining 70%+ of heifers for a maximum of 7 weeks
  • Cow herd joined for 8 weeks, maximum
  • Bulls fertile and structurally sound
  • Emphasis on moderate mature cow weight and not too lean for the ability to finish off grass.
  • No tolerance of dystocia, moderate to low birthweight EBVs

Meeting high quality market specifications

  • Market suitable carcase weight
  • Above average Eye Muscle Area
  • Positive Fat cover
  • Intramuscular fat, IMF%, you need cattle that are positive as this is a trait that is free for producers, as the cost of grain rises, highly positive IMF% has become more important, as feeders look for cattle that marble off both grain and grass fed finishing systems.

3. Do Commercial producers get the correct message from Seedstock producers?  

  • It was convenient for the seed stock industry in the past to seek excellence in the show ring, to rubber stamp a seed stock herd’s excellence. In this day and age, the same trap is happening by continually maximizing EBVs, and promoting this as the way for commercial enterprises to gain profit. Too often the seed stock industry has jumped on the next bandwagon, high growth, high birthweight, excessive leanness, excessive fat etc., always something new to promote without any clear view of how these things affect net profit in a beef enterprise over a ten year period.For Warwick Court, our real point of difference is:
  • High fertility (A high % of calves in the first 3 weeks of a joining and 90%+ PTIC)
  • Minimal dystocia
  • The genetic potential to Grade on the MSA Index @ 62+
  • High carcase weight and retail beef yield