Herefords Excel in Meat Eating Quality under New MSA Index

Purebred Hereford steers rigorously evaluated for carcass data have consistently graded in the top 10 per cent for eating quality under the new Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Index. Seven consignments totalling 438 steers from the large-scale progeny test program conducted by Herefords Australia were slaughtered from July 2012 to August 2014 to record an average MSA Index of 62.41. Continue reading

Proof of breeding in calf testing

THERE are ways and means of marketing your bulls. For Jindera's Warwick Court Hereford and Poll Hereford stud, it's through the breed's progeny test scheme. With five of their bulls being tested at the moment, the NSW Riverina stud of Bob, Sue and Katie Holdsworth has more sires in the program than any other stud in Australia. Continue reading